Espionage School for Masterminds.

Your online remote meeting is abruptly interrupted by FBI Agents who reveal that a “situation” has occurred. The only hope is for your team to accept the high stakes mission.

SPYGAME is an action-packed game of espionage that will test—and build—each participants’ skills at strategizing, cooperating, and thinking on their feet, as they race against the clock to solve a mystery and take down a notorious crime syndicate.

Team Benefits

SPYGAME ​is more than just a fun, high-energy, puzzle-filled game, it’s an interactive workshop that uses the power of play to grow your team outside their comfort zone while developing their skillset. This game engages:

Strategic planning

Time management

Active listening

Individual and team-think

Interpersonal communication

Collaboration under pressure

Discovery of TRUST

The Set Up

Your online meeting is abruptly interrupted by a team of FBI Agents and shown a video of their boss being abducted (or alternate scenario) and divided up into teams.  Armed with our interactive App, each team is visited by a live character who delivers mysterious message and valuable clues.

Teams must race against the clock to send their findings to Headquarters as they interrogate Informants and come face to face with unforeseen challenges that test their collective wits and creativity.

The Plot Twist

Double agents have infiltrated the teams and are working for their own agenda. But who are the moles and where is the hostage? Is the crime boss really who you think? And ultimately, which team will uncover the truth and solve the case in time?

The Grand Finale

The Mystery unravels and all secrets are revealed. Was there more to the scenario that the teams imagined?

Find out in a debriefing where final points are tallied and the winning team’s members are promoted to Extra Special Agents!

All participants discuss their key takeaways from the game in a keynote setting to pinpoint how SPYGAME pushed them to strategize, organize, and synchronize their skill sets together as a team!

SpyGame will engage and challenge your team to collaborate under pressure, trust one another, and think not just outside the box—but inside the team.

Enlist your agents today!

  • TIME: 2 Hours
  • # OF PARTICIPANTS: 4 – 500
  • REQUIREMENTS: Any video conferencing & cell phone
  • APP DOWNLOAD: AdVenture Games App on iTunes & Google Play