Explore the Famous Pike Place Market As You Play National Treasure in Downtown Seattle

Posted May 14, 2017

Explore the Famous Pike Place Market As You Play National Treasure in Downtown Seattle

If you’re like many, as a manager or business owner, you struggle to come up with innovative ways to motivate your staff. With the help of the experts at AdVenture Games, Inc., you can customize a team building game or activity that helps your Seattle team to work better together. Team building games and activities have been proven to improve performance, increase productivity and to boost morale. One game, National Treasure, has been proven to help staffs much like yours to learn about the rich history of their city while improving as a whole.

National Treasure is a puzzle-solving urban adventure that uses communication and problem-solving skills to complete a series of tasks. Each game is based on true stories in historical locations around your city. Pike Place Market would serve as a great backdrop for this team building activity.

During this team building game, the teams playing use the AdVenture Games iPhone app to begin their hunt. They have 90 minutes in order to locate the missing treasure. This fast-paced race against the clock has your employees cracking codes, solving riddles and puzzles and finding the treasure (hopefully) before time expires. Score is accumulated by how quickly the tasks are completed. Each clue leads the team to a different location in your city, Seattle.

This team building activity uses team work to create a fun and mentally stimulating experience for your Seattle employees. Your team will learn how important communication is for how they work together on a daily basis. When your team is given a deadline, they will kick it into gear and get the job done collectively. This great team building game can accommodate up to 100 participants and does require moderate walking around your city.

With the help of AdVenture Games, Inc., we can create customized team building experiences for your Seattle business. We have countless years of experience in giving businesses just like yours the experiences you crave to teach your staff real-time lessons. Call our team today to begin customizing your next team building game at 760-444-0515.