Communicating Expectations with Takeda in San Diego with SpyGame

Posted May 3, 2016

Communicating Expectations

“I wanted thank you and your team for our experience yesterday. The feedback we have been receiving is terrific and your team knocked all expectations out of the park!!!!”

That was feedback from our client at #Takeda in San Diego, #California after engaging in our #SpyGame team building exercise. Of course it’s always a great feeling to know your clients left happy, and even a greater feeling knowing that you met or exceeded their expectations.

So how do you ensure your clients’ expectations are met?  And better yet, exceeded them?  It starts with communication!  And that is not just telling your clients how awesome your products and services are, but instead listening to what their needs and expectations are.  You can’t exceed expectations if you don’t know what the bar is you need to raise.

Once you have effectively listened to your client, and you know what it is they expect, the art of exceeding expectations comes when you put your words into action and do a better job than what you promised you will do.  Not only will your clients be happy, you will get awesome emails and Yelp reviews like this one from our friends at Takeda that makes you smile all day long.

Exceeding expectations is definitely a win-win situation!  Now go and do!