Camp Basics for Seattle Team Building

Posted January 27, 2017

What Camp Basics Can Do For Your Seattle Team Building Efforts

We at AdVenture Games understand that as a Seattle business owner, you are looking for the competitive edge that helps to keep your employees the most productive. An employee who is positive, happy and of course productive, will be more likely to give his or her best each and every day they’re working for you. They also will be willing to come up with innovative ideas that make your Seattle work place more efficient. One way that you can help increase morale in your business is with team building games and activities such as Camp Basics.


The Camp Basics Team Building Activity

This team building game is one that is great for teams that like to be super active. During this game, the team of co-workers is dropped into the wild and left to compete in a series of challenges. The theme can be customized to your liking. Ultimately, this summer camp inspired event teaches team work, problem solving and strategy building, all in an exhilarating atmosphere.

The host breaks your team members up into team. The team must choose a leader. They come up with a team name and learn they will be competing against their peers. They are given a bag of materials in order to create a team flag. An opening ceremony commences after the flags are made and the competition begins. Teams rotate through a series of challenges that test mental and physical strengths.

After all of the challenges have been performed, the host announces which teams earned the most points (earned after each challenge). These finalists compete in the final obstacle course. The winning team is the one whose flag is left standing at the end of the challenge.


Benefits of Seattle Team Building Activities

Camp Basics helps your team members with communication, time-management and creativity. These real-time lessons help them to learn how collaborating under pressure (a reality) is valuable to the overall good. AdVenture Games is well versed at creating team building activities for smart people since 2005. We look forward to working with you to ensure that your next team building activity will be a success. We can tailor an activity that suits your needs and teaches your staff exactly what you want them to learn during this fun activity. In order to learn more about our team building games and what they can do for your Seattle business, call 760-444-0515 today.