Build Your Smart Team in Iowa

Have you ever wondered if your Iowa staff can be a better team? At AdVenture Games, Inc. we can help you find the answers.

There is no team that is the same and everyone has different weaknesses. We will work with you to create your ideal Iowa team building games, whether Cedar Rapids, Ames or Iowa City, that address your team’s specific needs and help focus on their weaknesses. We target those things that they need to work on and create games that will do just that. The goal is for them to improve as a team while enjoying every minute of it.

If you want a mystery for your team of thinkers you might try National Treasure. This game has the team working together to solve mysteries and get clues along the way eventually getting to the treasure. They will use communication skills, teamwork, and brainstorming to be able to come up with answers. They will learn to listen to each other and work toward finding the next clue in their adventure.

You might also be interested in SpyGame an adventure for the team that requires them to save the boss from a kidnapper. This game means that the entire team has to work together with teamwork, communication skills, strategic planning and even implementation of new team members to save the boss. They will learn to work as a group in solving the problem.

No matter where your meetings may take you in Iowa, we’ve got the perfect team building solution.

Getting the best results for your Iowa team is about more than just telling them what you want. They need to trust each other and understand each other’s role. We help them to do just that with team building games in Iowa, no matter Sioux City or Davenport. We look forward to helping your team find adventure and discover each other in game play! Our experts are ready to help you.