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AdVenture Games is here to deliver fun and adventure straight to your living room!  Having produced corporate team building events for Fortune 500 companies for over 15 years, we are experts in creating unforgettable bonding experiences, and are thrilled for you to experience some of our popular games direct to your home. 

Whether it’s searching out a lost treasure or competing in a slapstick game show our Virtual Games are guaranteed to enhance your game night and help you stay connected to your friends & family while having fun together!

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The Situation Room is a first of its kind, choose-your-own-adventure, interactive competition puzzle-room movie game! Using your smartphone, you interact with a “live feed” from Headquarters as you compete against other players to crack codes, decipher clues and give direction to the field agents.  This escape room-style adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat as you race against the clock, and your friends, to decode and interpret visual messages and clues.

This is the perfect game for escape room enthusiasts!

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Street Smarts is a high-energy, interactive online-hosted happy hour competition, in which you and your family & friends compete in your very own private reality show competition!  Using Zoom, get ready to face off with a series of at home-based stunts, challenges and trivia while you cut loose and win big in your living room!

This is the perfect game to bring your friends & family closer together.


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