Spring Cleaning the Office: Freshen Up the Workplace

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Spring has sprung! For many households, it means it’s time to open up the windows, start dusting, organizing, and cleaning up — the same rings true for the office. And while spring cleaning the office doesn’t exactly fire up employees, doing so can affect productivity. Bring spring cleaning to the office and freshen up the… Read more »

How Businesses Can Benefit From Age Diversity

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Age diversity is an essential part of any business. Today’s workforce includes a diverse range of genders, ethnicities, and generations. In fact, in today’s workforce, there are at least five generations represented. From the Silent Generation to Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z, all these groups are active in the workplace in one… Read more »

Importance of Team Building for Remote Working Staff

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Remote work has lots of advantages. After all, you can get your job done in your pajamas if you wish and get to have a little more flexibility. The thing is, it takes a disciplined, well-organized individual to pull it off successfully. Of course, there are some things remote workers don’t have – office comradery…. Read more »

How to Create a Less Stressful Workplace in 2020

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Stress can do lots of damage to both the body and mind. Business owners know how important it is to keep their employees happy. When there’s too much stress in the workplace, it takes its toll on productivity. It also affects the overall health of both the employee and the office environment. After all, when… Read more »

Good Behavior and Community Spirit at the Office

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Whether you’re opening the door for a stranger or organizing team members at the office so that they can become more involved with the local community, it feels good to do good. Let’s face it; positivity breeds positive outcomes. Great team leaders can encourage their teammates and even their fellow building occupants to embrace good… Read more »

How do I bring new employees into our company culture?

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Do you remember your first day in the office? It was probably a little stressful and perhaps a bit uncomfortable too. After all, you were walking into an environment where work friendships and common bonds were shared. And then there’s that feeling that all eyes are on you. Yes, every office has its own vibe,… Read more »

Transform Your Company Culture: Helpful Office Etiquette Tips

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What’s your company culture like? When you’re working in an office setting, you’re dealing with many different personalities, so there’s a certain office etiquette required. The thing is, some of your co-workers may be leaving their good manners at home. Let’s face it. Bad manners in the office have a way of creating a negative… Read more »

Client Spotlight: Amazon

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  “As part of our leadership summit, we wanted to find something to get the team to work together. With people flying in from different parts of the US, it was essential to do some team building.”   Amazon is one of the biggest and most recognized technology companies. Amazon focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing,… Read more »

Rules of a Good Followership

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It seems like there’s a big emphasis on developing leadership qualities. However, what about the art of followership? Let’s face it. No matter how big or small the business, there are more followers than leaders. Of course, it’s easy to see why leadership qualities are always such a hot topic. After all, when you’re a… Read more »