Adventure Team Building Activities in Charleston

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For West Virginia businesses finding new and creative ways to motivate your staff can seem overwhelming. However, with the help of AdVenture Games Team Building and their team building activities, you are covered. We offer team building experiences in Charleston that will help you to bring your staff together and to be more productive overall. Using our team building activities is the best way to enhance your team’s strengths while also examining their weaknesses. Most business owners in Charleston agree that our team building games are a wonderful way to get the results you want for your staff. We can customize any experience to each client’s needs meaning no two activities are ever the same.

One of our most popular games is SpyGame. During this activity, the boss is kidnapped, and your staff works hard together to complete challenges to recover you on time from your kidnappers. This game teaches creativity, communication, leadership and strategic thinking.

Unique Team Building for the Business Savvy

Another one of our most popular team building activities is Office Escape. This is a lock in challenge that is conducted directly in your Charleston meeting room. Get your staff there telling them they’re attending a seminar and they will arrive to learn otherwise. They will have 60 minutes to escape this puzzle room by solving riddles and puzzles. This game tests their ability to problem solve in a timed setting, how to lead, how to communicate effectively and how to think outside of the box as a team.

Getting your West Virginia staff to work together better can seem hard, however thanks to the help of AdVenture Games Team Building, we can help make that dream a reality for your team. Contact us today to learn more about our team building games and to begin customizing a unique experience for your staff.


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