Unforgettable Philadelphia Team Building Activities

Image-Overlay-Round-8-300x300 adventure games team buildingWhen you’re looking for fun and creative ways to incorporate team building strategies into your Philadelphia business, consider professional guidance from AdVenture Games, Inc. Since 2005, we have offered unique business solutions to motivate and inspire your staff, no matter the size. Our team building games and activities have proven to boost the competitive spirit in businesses, increase productivity and to increase production. Fairmount Park, Benjamin Rush State Park, and Clark Park would all serve as great places for your next custom team building activity.

Our team building activities are designed by smart people with like-minded individuals in mind. We work directly with Philadelphia businesses to make team building experiences that are unlike any other you may have tried in the past. We believe in personalizing our team building experiences so that they address the concerns and issues you may have with your staff.

Enhance Your Meeting with an Amazing Team Building Experience

For someone looking for a great starter team building activity or one that is good at blending new staff with an existing one, try SpyGame. During this team building experience, the boss is kidnapped and taken hostage. The teams must work together to complete both mental and physical tasks to recover their higher-up. This team building game tests creativity, communication, brainpower and team work skills.

For something more energized or advanced, try our AdVenture Games Challenge team building game. This team building experience is inspired by the Amazing Race. Your staff is split up into different teams where they must follow a course map and determine the best strategy to complete the tasks at hands. This is a real-life lesson where team members must work together to determine which things must be done first to complete everything (a regular occurrence).

Ultimately, our team building activities at AdVenture Games, Inc. will help to boost the competitive spirit in your Philly work place. Contact our creative team building staff today. We are ready and willing to tailor your next custom team building activity for you as soon as you need.

Choose the perfect team building activity for your team!

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