Creative Portland Team Building Games

By taking the time to enjoy one of our smart, innovative team building games in Portland, you will allow your staff to be their best. Our creative and smart team building expert team is well versed in customizing team building activities for any size staff. Our experiences will both motivate and inspire your staff in exponential ways. For instance, with our game Spygame, the boss is kidnapped and teams must work together in order to recover their higher-up. Team members work on mental and physical tasks in order to find them. This activity has your staff working together while testing their decision-making, people skills and most importantly, communication.

We have team building games and activities for any occasion, any business in any industry and any size staff. With our National Treasure game, participants use their time management skills (among other valuable skills) to meet the demands of this particular challenge. This team building activity teaches real-time lessons that you want them to learn while they work under pressure (very realistic situation).

Team Building for Smart Leadership

Another high-energy team building experience your Portland staff can experience is Street Smarts. This game puts teams against each other in a series of challenges. This helps teach competitive spirit and camaraderie. During this valuable experience, communication, time management and problem solving skills are all tested.

We at AdVenture Games, Inc. pride ourselves on delivering the most innovative team building games for businesses across the United States. Every experience is unique as we work with each business to address specific issues and/or concerns they have and want worked out. We always have your back! Whether you’re looking for an ice breaker experience or something more high-paced, we can create something that you and your staff never forget. Contact our team building experts to get started.

Choose the perfect team building activity for your team!