Smart Rochester Team Building Activities

Any business can benefit from team building activities. This is because they create a stronger team for Rochester New York businesses. They allow each member of a staff to grow, both individually and as a team. If you want to building a stronger Rochester business, consider the large range of team building activities we have to offer at AdVenture Games Team Building. Each can benefit your team in a different way.

One of our most popular team building games is Office Escape. This is the world’s first puzzle room to come directly to your meeting room. Your staff will think that they are about to attend a one-hour motivational speaker session, but when they arrive, they learn they are in a lock in challenge. They have just 60 minutes to crack codes and solve puzzles in order to escape This game tests creativity, problem solving, thinking under pressure, communication and strategic thinking.

Unique Team Building for the Business Savvy

Another customizable team building experience is known as AdVenture Games Challenge. This game is designed so to test your staff on topics that mean the most to you. Some topics can include tech knowledge, business savvy, creativity and other specific topics to the workings of your New York business. We at AdVenture Games Team Building can custom tailor each game to suit your industry or business.

For a fast-paced, thrilling team building activity, consider Camp Basics. The purpose of this particular team building game is to teach leadership and communication along with strategic thinking and problem solving. Your staff is dropped to a remote location and split into several small teams. They complete challenges and earn points along the way. At the end, the two teams with the highest number of points compete in a final obstacle course.


When you’re ready to see what team building games can do to help your business, contact us AdVenture Games Team Building.


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