Creative Buffalo Team Building Games

Buffalo team building games are an excellent choice for a business to get to know their staff better. Team building games have been proven to increase performance levels, improve productivity and to boost morale. They focus on important skills such as team work, communication and strategic thinking and can be tailored to hone in on skills you want your staff to work on the most. Any business, especially one in Buffalo, can customize a team building experience that will help their team to work better together.

One of our most popular team building games is known as Office Escape. This is the world’s first mobile escape room to come directly to your meeting room. Your staff will think they’re attending a one-hour motivational speaker session and when they arrive, they will learn they have just 60 minutes to solve puzzles and to escape this lock in challenge. This team building experience teaches thinking under pressure, leadership, creativity and communication.

No matter where your meetings may take you in Buffalo, we’ve got the perfect team building solution for you

For a more fast-paced outdoor activity, try Camp Basics. This survival-style game involves dropping your team into a remote location. From there, they are split into smaller teams. They compete on a series of challenges earning points along the way. The two teams with the highest number of points compete in a final obstacle course at the end of the game. This game teaches leadership, strategic thinking and problem solving in a timed setting.

For a scavenger hunt experience, opt for National Treasure. This game is conducted with the use of our smartphone app. Your team will navigate through real stories that take them through historical locations throughout Buffalo. They will solve puzzles, take photos and collect tokens on the way to locating the missing treasure.


At AdVenture Games Team Building, we have a lot of options to choose from. When you’re ready to begin customizing your team building experience, contact us!


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