Creative Team Building Games & Activities in Santa Fe

When you want to give your Santa Fe, New Mexico business an edge, then building a strong workforce through team building activities is a great choice. It is highly recommended to consider the team building games that we offer at AdVenture Games Team Building to see if you can build upon your existing skills such as communication, thinking under pressure, time management and problem solving.

Office Escape is the world’s first mobile puzzle room to come directly to a meeting room like yours. You can turn any meeting into a team building activity with the use of this team building game. Put your team’s teamwork and leadership skills to the test to see how well they work together in a timed setting. They will have just 60 minutes to escape a room by solving puzzles and cracking codes. Do they work well together in a deadline-oriented setting? Do they communicate well?

No matter where your meetings may take you in Santa Fe, we’ve got you covered

Another one of our most popular team building games is SpyGame. This game has you, the boss, kidnapped, and your staff working hard to recover you from your kidnappers. This team building experience teaches valuable skills including creativity, strategic thinking, time management and communication in a timed setting, which is realistic to real life deadlines your staff may need to accomplish.

Camp Basics is a fun-filled team building game that drops your staff off to a remote location. From there they are split into smaller teams to compete in a capture-the-flag type game. These teams will compete on challenges and earn points along the way. The two teams with the highest number of points will compete in the final obstacle course to determine the winner. This game tests creativity, strategic thinking, leadership and communication.


When you’re ready to learn what team building can do for you, contact AdVenture Games Team Building. We can customize an experience to work on with you and your Santa Fe team. We can’t wait to help you.


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