Creative Nashua Team Building Games

Nashua, New Hampshire team building activities are a great way for you to learn about your New Hampshire staff better. It also helps your team to get to know one another better and for your business as a whole to become stronger as one. Your team is the core of your company and improving upon skills such as communication, problem solving and team work will help them to be more productive overall.

One of our most popular team building games is known as Office Escape. This puzzle room experience is the first in the world to come directly to your meeting room. Your staff will have 60 minutes to solve puzzles and riddles to escape this escape room. During this lock in challenge, your team’s leadership, creativity, communication and problem-solving skills are all tested.

Unique Team Building for the Business Savvy

Another fast-paced team building game is Camp Basics. This survival-type game has your team dropped off to a remote location and split into smaller teams. These teams will complete a series of challenges earning points along the way. The top two point earning teams complete in the final challenge. The winner is whoever completes the final obstacle course first. This team building activity will teach strategic thinking, communication and problem-solving while under pressure.

For a fun scavenger hunt adventure, try National Treasure. This team building game is conducted with the use of our app. This app will take your team to historical locations while telling them real time stories. They will crack codes and have 90 minutes to locate a missing treasure. This team building experience teaches your team leadership, teamwork, communication and thinking under pressure.


At AdVenture Games Team Building, we have countless options for you to choose from. We can help you to improve your team’s ability to work great as one. Contact us today!

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