Creative Missoula Team Building Games

When you’re looking for fun team building activities that will bring your team together to work stronger, try AdVenture Games Team Building games. With these team building games, your team can benefit from improving their communication, team work, leadership, problem solving and strategic skills. All of this is achieved by working as a group, which team building is all about.

One of our most popular escape room team building games is Office Escape. This is the world’s first puzzle room that comes directly to your meeting room. During this lock in challenge, your team is tested on and encouraged to expand upon their time management, communication and leadership skills. Turn your office into a mobile puzzle room. They will work together to solve puzzles to escape the room in just 60 minutes.

Motivate Your Missoula Office with Quality Team Building

For a fun scavenger hunt team building game, choose National Treasure. This game is conducted with the help of our own app. It encourages both communication and teamwork as the team works together in order to crack codes and collect clues in order to find the final treasure in time. They will have just 90 minutes to go through real stories throughout historical locations in your town. They must work together diligently in order to get the job done and on time.

Another high-energy team building game is Street Smarts. This puts teams competing against each other in a series of challenges and stunts. This team building experience teaches strategic planning, interpersonal communication and creativity skills. It takes two hours and can accommodate 4-20 participants. This and all of our games is fully customizable to address the issues you have with your team.

To learn more about our team building games at AdVenture Games Team Building, contact us with your question and for a customized quote.

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