Creative Independence Team Building Games

If you’re searching for ways to successfully build a stronger team in Independence, Missouri, we at AdVenture Games Team Building can help. Whether you want to involve your whole staff or just a few members, we can work on you to strengthen your team so they can be more productivity. Ultimately, there is a team building activity for any Missouri business. These games can give you a serious edge against your competition and are worth considering.

For an innovative, fast-paced team building activity, try SpyGame. This team building experience involves you, the boss. You’re kidnapped and your staff must work together on a series of challenges in order to recover you. Your team will learn different skills including leadership, creativity, communication and teamwork. They work on a series of unique puzzles in order to recover you in a timed setting.

No matter where your meetings may take you in Independence, we’ve got the perfect team building solution for you

To test your team’s business savvy, try AdVenture Games Challenge. This team building game in Missouri can be tailored to ask questions about topics that matter most to you and your Independence, Missouri business. No game is ever the same as we believe in customizing team building experiences for each client.

For a survival-type team building activity, opt for Camp Basics. Your team will use problem-solving, communication and leadership skills in order to compete against each other in small teams. The teams with the highest number of points while completing these challenges and puzzles will compete in the final obstacle course. This is performed in remote locations in your area such as McCoy Park, Van Hook Park or Bundschu Park, just to name a few locales.


We at AdVenture Games Team Building have a team building game that will suit your business and/or team perfectly. Contact us today to customize an experience that focuses on your issues and/or concerns with your team and for a comprehensive quote. We can’t wait to help you create a memorable experience today.


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