Creative Team Building Games & Activities in Springfield

If your Springfield team isn’t operating the way you want them to do, one way to bring them together is with a team building activity. By fostering improvement in team work, you will find that everyone is in your team can work better together individually and as a team. This will lead to increased performance levels, boosted morale and productivity. At AdVenture Games Team Building we offer a number of different team building experiences for you to choose from. We customize each experience to the needs of each particular Missouri business.

To experience one of the our most popular team building games, choose SpyGame. This fast-paced, fun team building experience as you the boss kidnapped and your team working together to rescue you. Your team must work on teamwork, creativity, time management, problem-solving and communication on a series of puzzles. This is a great activity in order to bring a team together, in particular when new members are being introduced to an existing team.

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For another high-energy challenge game, AdVenture Games Challenge is a great choice. During this team building game, small teams complete challenges in order to compete in the final obstacle course. Only the two teams with the highest number of points will compete in the final obstacle course. This is a highly competitive activity that will teach leadership, strategic thinking and communication in a timed setting.


For a game that tests your team’s knowledge on a variety of topics including business savvy and tech knowledge, try AdVenture Games Challenge. It can be customized to suit your business or industry. We can play with you right in your Springfield meeting room.


Ultimately, there is no shortage of creative team building activity for you to choose. Allow us at AdVenture Games Team Building to help you choose an experience that will work best for your specific issues and/or concerns. Contact us today for a comprehensive quote!



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