Smart Gulfport Team Building Activities

As a business owner in Gulfport, Mississippi, you’re always trying to devise ways on how to get an edge on your competition. One of the best options available to you and other Mississippi businesses are team building games. These team building activities are a great way to strengthen your team and hone in on important skills such as communication, leadership, problem solving and strategic thinking.

For a fun puzzle room team building experience, try Office Escape. This is the world’s first mobile escape room that comes directly to your meeting room. Call your staff in for a meeting and surprise them with this lock in challenge that gives them just 60 minutes to solve puzzles to escape. This experience focuses on communication, leadership, time management, team work and problem-solving skills.

No matter where your meetings may take you in Gulfport, we’ve got the perfect team building solution for you

Want to explore Gulfport with your team? Try National Treasure, a scavenger hunt- based app/experience that follows true stories located throughout historical locations in your town. Your team must download our app to participate in this team building experience. Solve puzzles and crack codes all while taking photos and collecting tokens along the way. This team building game is great for an existing team that is introducing new members.

For another fun outdoor team building experience, try GeoVenture. This game sends out a search party to find a lost treasure. Your staff is split into teams that are armed with maps and GPS units. While making their way through the game course, they collect clues and rack up points to claim the lost treasure. Your team also leads risk assessment as they are given opportunities to earn additional points with extra challenges, but risk losing everything. Your staff learns interpersonal communication, strategic planning and time management during this fast-paced team building experience.


Ultimately, there are countless team building experiences to choose from AdVenture Games Team Building. To learn more about our games or to get a quote, contact us today.

 Choose the perfect team building activity for your team!