Creative Team Building Games & Activities in Lansing

If you’re looking for ways to help your Lansing business get an edge over your competition, finding ways to build a stronger workforce is important. Team building activities are one way that you can increase performance, improve productivity and boost morale in your Michigan office. With the help of AdVenture Games Team Building, you can help your staff build strong skills such as time management, problem solving, thinking under pressure or communication.

With our team building game, Office Escape, you can turn your meeting space into a puzzle room. This is the world’s first mobile room that comes directly to a meeting room near you. Put your team’s leadership and team work capabilities to the test during this lock in challenge. They get 60 minutes to escape the room by solving a variety of puzzles and riddles. Can your team communicate well and come up with the strategy needed while thinking under pressure? Find out with this helpful team building experience.

Enhance Your Meeting with an Amazing Team Building Experience

For a unique team building that gets you, the boss, involved, try SpyGame. At the beginning of this team building experience, you are kidnapped and during the game, your team must work together to recover you. They will use creativity, problem solving, communication and teamwork throughout this experience.

For something more fast-paced, try our game, Camp Basics. This game has your team being dropped off somewhere remote in your area in a capture-the-flag type game. Your team will be split up into smaller teams with a leader. They must create their own flag to display throughout this challenge. They will complete a series of challenges earning points along the way. The two teams with the highest points at the end of the game compete in a final obstacle course to determine the winner. This game tests creativity, strategic thinking and communication while working diligently to score the most points.


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