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Image-Overlay-Square-24-300x300 adventure games team buildingWhen you find that your Springfield, Massachusetts team isn’t performing at its peak performance, team building games can help. By helping your team improve upon their team work skills, you may be able to hone in on skills your team has to discover what needs to be worked on the most. AdVenture Games Team Building has a number of team building games to choose from so that there is a great option for any business in any industry.

One of our most popular team building activities is SpyGame. During this fun, fast-paced team building experience, we kidnap the boss and then the rest of your team has to work together on a series of puzzles in order to rescue you on time. This team building game tests their time management, problem solving, creativity and communication. This is a great option for those introducing new members into an existing team.

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For a high-energy challenge game, try Camp Basics. Your team is dropped off in a remote area and is split up into smaller teams. They will compete on challenges and earning points along the way. At the end of the game, the two teams with the largest number of points competes in a final obstacle course. Strategic thinking, leadership, problem solving and communication are all tested here.

For a fun team building game that tests your team on topics you want them to know most, choose AdVenture Games Challenge. This game is fully customizable and can ask questions on nearly anything. Best of all, you can play it right in your Springfield neighborhood.

Ultimately there are countless team building games to choose from. When you’re ready to start considering your options, contact us at AdVenture Games Team Building to get a custom quote today.

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