Adventure Team Building Activities in Cambridge

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If you want to give your Cambridge, Massachusetts business an edge over the competition, building a strong employee base is important. With team building games from AdVenture Games Team Building, we can help you hone in on important skills with your team including problem solving, time management, thinking under pressure and communication.

Office Escape is the world’s first mobile escape room to come to a meeting room near you. This puzzle room lock in challenge puts your team’s leadership and time management skills to the test. Your team will have just 60 minutes to escape a room based on a variety of riddles and puzzles. Does your team work well under pressure? Can they communicate well together and strategize the way to get out?

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For a game that gets you in the middle of the action, opt for SpyGame. This game has you, the boss, getting kidnapped and your team working diligently to recover you before time elapses. Creativity, time management, communication and problem solving all are used in this team building experience.

For a fun, thrilling team building game, try Camp Basics. This team building experience has your team dropped off somewhere remote in a survival-type game. They are split into smaller teams and work on a variety of puzzles to earn points. At the end of the game, the two teams with the most points compete in a final obstacle course. This game focuses on strategic thinking, communication, leadership and creativity.


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