Smart Wichita Team Building Activities

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You can gain a significant edge over competing Wichita, Kansas companies when you build a stronger and more cohesive workforce through team building activities through AdVenture Games Team Building. We have something for everyone when it comes to team building games and activities for your workforce:

SpyGame is truly a game like any other. With this game, AdVenture Games Team Building puts you in the heart of the action, kidnapping you, and then asking your team to solve a series of puzzles in order to recover you. Your team will have to work diligently in order to save you in time, and this means developing vital skills such as teamwork and time-management, problem-solving and creativity in order to do so in a timely manner. Can they do it?

Team Building for Smart Leadership

AdVenture Games Challenge is an interesting game that is unlike the others that we offer, because it focuses on business savvy, tech knowledge and creativity and tests the knowledge of your team members rather than challenging their problem-solving skills. What makes this team building activity especially unique is that we can custom tailor it to meet your needs, so make sure that you contact us to see how we can utilize AdVenture Games Challenge to help your business.

National Treasure offers fun for the entire team with an app-based treasure hunt through the city. Your team members will work their way through Wichita, learning about historical sites while cracking codes, taking photos and coming one step closer to the treasure with each riddle. This team building game will focus on teaching communication and teamwork as your team members work together to solve the puzzles and crack the codes.


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