Unforgettable Des Moines Team Building Activities

Whether you already have a strong and cohesive team in Des Moines, Iowa that you simply want to keep working together, or your staff leaves something to be desired, there are always benefits to team building activities. Your staff members will always benefit from improving their teamwork, communication, problem-solving and thinking under pressure skills while working as a group, which is what team building activities are all about.

The lock-in escape room challenge known as Office Escape is a great way to test and expand your team’s leadership, communication, problem solving, teamwork and time management skills all in a fast-paced and fun environment. Turn your very own meeting room or office space into an escape room with AdVenture Games Team Building’s very own mobile escape room, and turn a boring staff meeting into an unforgettable team building experience for your staff.

Unique Team Building for the Business Savvy

National Treasure is a really fun app-based treasure hunting game for you to try. This game is all about teamwork and communication as your team has to work together with a limited about of time to crack codes and collect clues in search of a single final treasure. Can they do it? They only have 90-minutes, meaning that they have to work quickly and diligently if they want to get the job done.

For a fun and fast-paced team building game, consider Camp Basics. This one deposits your team in a remote-location, splitting everyone up into individual groups wherein they will have to work together to complete challenges for points. When the challenges are all completed, the two teams with the highest points will compete against each other in an obstacle course to declare an ultimate winner. This exciting game will teach leadership and communication, strategic thinking and problem solving in a fun, outdoor environment.


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