Creative Cedar Rapids Team Building Games

Team building games are a great way to build a stronger, more cohesive team, whether you’re looking to gain an edge over your competition, or simply improve productivity in the workplace. AdVenture Games Team Building can help you determine which team building activities will best benefit your business, whether you’re looking for something to do outdoors during the day or a quick in-office game one afternoon.

SpyGame puts you right in the middle of the activity by asking your team to rescue “the boss” from a kidnapping, and then putting their teamwork ability to the test in a fast-paced environment through problem-solving and time-management. Your team will have to work together diligently and cohesively if they ever hope to work out the puzzles and tasks necessary to rescue you from your kidnappers in time!

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Camp Basics is an outdoor survival-style activity that involves pitting small teams against one another to accrue points while completing challenges. When all the challenges are completed, the two teams with the highest point values will go head to head in a final obstacle course. This team building game teaches a variety of important skills including leadership, communication, problem solving, and strategic thinking.

National Treasure offers unparalleled fun for your entire team. With this app-based treasure hunt, your team members will travel around Cedar Rapids learning about the history of your city while solving puzzles and collecting tokens that will help them to unlock the final treasure by taking photographs of the various historical sites around the city. This team building game will focus on teaching communication as well as teamwork while teams work to solve puzzles and seek out treasure.


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