Creative Team Building Games & Activities in Rockford

Every business can benefit from team building activities, because they create a stronger and more cohesive team, allowing each team member to be stronger on their own, as well as together. If you want to build a stronger Rockford, Illinois business, consider the myriad of team building activities that we offer at AdVenture Games Team Building and how each might be able to benefit you.

Office Escape presents a great opportunity to put your team to the test in a high-intensity, fast paced environment by turning your regular meeting space into an escape room without warning. AdVenture Games Team Building will bring the escape room to your office and suddenly a regular staff meeting will become a 60-minute escape room adventure for your staff, focusing on high-intensity teamwork, creativity, problem solving, thinking under pressure and communication. Can your team escape the meeting room in time?

Team Building for Smart Leadership

AdVenture Games Challenge is another great team building activity, though it is different from the others that we offer. This game is designed to test your team members on their business savvy, creativity and tech knowledge in a nearby outdoor setting, such as a local park or neighborhood close by your Rockford office. We can custom tailor this game to suit your individual industry to make it even better.

For a survival-style, fast-paced and thrilling team building activity, you are really going to want to consider Camp Basics. The purpose of this team building activity is to teach leadership and communication skills, along with strategic thinking and problem solving to your team members, who are broken up into smaller teams and then pitted against each other to solve problems and accrue points. At the end, the two teams who have the highest numbers of points will go head to head in a final obstacle course.


When you’re ready to see what team building games and activities can do to help your business, contact us today at AdVenture Games Team Building!

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