Creative Team Building Activities in Augusta

If you want your business to run more smoothly or your office to operate at a faster pace than before, team building activities are a great way to accomplish just that. AdVenture Games Team Building will help you find a creative team building activity that will grow a stronger, more cohesive and communicative team through better communication, stronger leadership and other important business skills. Here are some of the games and team building activities that we offer.

SpyGame is a unique spy-themed activity that involves kidnapping the “boss” (that’s you!) and then requiring that your team members work together, cohesively, in order to rescue you. Team members have to develop their problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, communication and time management skills all together as a group if they hope to rescue you in time, so this is an excellent team building activity for your business to consider.

Enhance Your Augusta Meeting With An Adventure Team Building

Another great team building game to consider is Office Escape, because it offers a mobile escape room that we bring right to your meeting room. Gather your employees and trap them in your office, and we will give them only 60 minutes to complete a series of puzzles and riddles in order to escape during this lock in challenge. They must utilize excellent teamwork, communication, problem-solving, time management and leadership skills while all working together if they have any hope of escaping the office.

National Treasure is a small-team team building activity that involves utilizing clues scattered throughout Augusta to solve puzzles and crack clues in order to find a treasure. Utilizing our special app, teams will work together to crack the codes and find the treasure while developing vital communication and teamwork skills. Can the teams find the treasure in only 90 minutes while learning about the unique landmarks throughout your Augusta neighborhood?


You may find that the answer you’ve been looking for to motivate your team is creative team building activities in Augusta, Georgia. Contact us today at AdVenture Games Team Building to find out how we can help you build a more cohesive and motivated workforce.

 Choose the perfect team building activity for your team!