Top 5 Reasons Why Kidnapping Your Boss During Your Meeting in Orlando is Good for Team Morale

3 adventure games team building

Corporate team building activities are notorious for inspiring and motivating your Orlando team.  AdVenture Games, Inc. delivers unique business solutions that help boost team morale in your Florida business. The popular Orlando team building activity SpyGame has your boss kidnapped and staff working together to recover their higher up. However, I’m sure you’re wondering why this team building game is so beneficial.  Here are five reasons why having your boss kidnapped is a good thing.

1.  Encourages team work.

SpyGame is not a scavenger hunt and there is no set route for your team to follow. Corporate team building activities such as this encourage team members to prioritize and complete challenges in the order they see fit.

2.  Develops strategic planning.

Because this Orlando team building game is not structured in a Point A to Point B format, it helps team members to develop their own strategic planning skills. You can observe how they work together, what strategy they use and how business-minded they are.

3.  Utilizes interpersonal communication skills.

Team building games encourage your staff to work together.  Because of the role playing design of this game, your team gets to test their communication skills as they interrogate our clever cast of Orlando based actors.

4.  Keeps things interesting.

An Orlando team building game like SpyGame keeps your staff invested in your business’s success. By doing fun and innovative activities like this, they will feel energized to develop their skills without realizing they’re learning anything at all.

5.  Teaches real-time lessons.

Ultimately, corporate team building activities teach time management skills, which are imperative to a success and productive business. Ultimately, an Orlando team building game like SpyGame helps your team learn valuable life lessons, and also helps them to recognize ways they can improve their skills for the greater good of the entire team.