Adventure Games Inc. offers customized team building experiences to accommodate the specific needs of clients in Orlando.

Rather than sitting in boring lectures for hours, we use games and adventures designed to encourage collaboration, creative thinking, problem solving and cooperation between participants. The workshops that we offer might also be used for charity events, meeting with clients or introducing new ideas. Whatever the situation, the ingenious minds at Adventure Games Inc. are looking out for the best interests of your team. Our company was enlisted to inspire the employees of many different famous companies including Coca Cola, Dell, Microsoft and Reebok.

Strategy and Leadership

An espionage themed event requires that participants communicate, strategize and use quick thinking skills to beat the clock to rescue an innocent hostage, find a mole or take down a notorious crime figure. AdVenture Games Challenge themes forces team members to compete against one another in a series of mental and physical challenges that build knowledge and people skills.

Creativity and Vision

Participants are divided into teams who must problem-solve, manage time and use teamwork to complete tasks within a designated time frame in order to win approval. Another challenge has teams developing theoretical ideas that might be implemented into a real-life business situation. The members must then convince a panel that the idea is a worthwhile endeavor.

Increased Activity and Performance

Build employee camaraderie, creative thinking skills and strategies through our fun and improvisational Making of the Band challenge that requires team members to form a band and perform for the approval of a panel of judges. Based on a popular TV game show, the Minute Wars challenge requires contestants to compete in a number of humorous challenges and stunts that must be completed in under 60 seconds. Members only succeed with the help of the creativity and cooperation of team mates.

The team building activities and games that we create for your staff in Orlando are designed to enhance skills or perhaps allow participants to discover talents that previously remained hidden. Engaging in our events boosts morale and helps businesses and companies become more efficient. Participation in our activities also serves to motivate employees to incorporate these skills on a daily basis. We can conveniently host your event at the Orange County Convention Center.