Creative Lakewood Team Building Games

When you’re searching for innovative team building experiences that will motivate your Lake wood staff, try one from AdVenture Games Team Building. We offer a large array of team building games that are tailored to address specific issues and concerns you have with your team. We will customize an experience that helps your team to be more efficient.

One of our most popular team building games in Lakewood is SpyGame. This team building game kidnaps the boss and has your team working together diligently on challenges to recover you. This game teaches communication, time management, team work, creativity and problem-solving skills.

Motivate Your Lakewood Office with Quality Team Building

Another popular team building activity is an escape room known as Office Escape. This lock in challenge is the world’s first mobile room to come directly to a meeting room like yours. Simply tell your staff they’re going to attend a one-hour motivational speaker session and when they arrive, they learn they are in a puzzle room with just 60 minutes to solve puzzles to escape. This game focuses on problem solving, time management, team work, communication and leadership.

AdVenture Games Challenge is another great option for a team building game that can be played right in your neighborhood. Red Rocks Park or Lair o’ the Bear Park are two great locales for this experience. This game will test your team to a variety of questions on business savvy, tech knowledge and creativity, to name a few. Please note this game can be tailored to things that apply directly to your industry and/or business.


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