Exciting Montgomery Team Building Games & Activities

Team building games and activities have been proven to help make a business run more smoothly.  Not only do they help a staff be more efficient, but also more productive and happy too. We at AdVenture Games Team Building have a variety of team building games to pick from in Montgomery Alabama. We help you to use our team building activities to enhance your team’s strengths and to work on major issues that are preventing your staff from becoming their fullest potential.

Most business owners will agree that these activities are a great way to inspire your staff to work better and be better overall. Each team is unique meaning there is no cookie cutter experience with us. Our expert team building team will pinpoint issues with you that you want to focus. With this, we will customize a team building activity in Montgomery that will work best for you, your staff and your business overall.

One of our most popular team building games in Montgomery is Office Escape. This is the world’s first mobile escape room that comes right to your meeting room. With this experience, your staff will think that they are going to a motivational speaker session. However, when they arrive they will learn they have just 60 minutes to escape the room by completing a series of riddles and puzzles. This team building game and puzzle room focuses on communication, leadership, thinking outside of the box and problem solving, all valuable skills to have for a cohesive staff.

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Another popular team building option is known as National Treasure. This app treasure hunt can be conducted throughout your town including and not limited to Montgomery Zoo, Wright Brothers Park, or Jasmine Hills Gardens. This team building game has team members downloading our comprehensive app and following the true stories that are set in historical locations. Teams will have 90 minutes to locate a missing treasure. They must work together to crack codes. Their score is based on how quickly they solve these puzzles. Each time a puzzle is solved, the team takes a photo and collects a token that will help them unlock the treasure. This team building games focuses on teamwork and communication.

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