Whether you’re a manager or assistant, finance guy or IT genius, our Creative & Visionary Games energetically inspires company camaraderie across the board as each player showcases their ingenuity.

Based on many popular reality competitions, we ingeniously combine interactive creative tasks with theatrical flare to successfully bring out the ambitious (and comedic) genius in everyone. A perfect solution for an on or off campus activity, these fast-thinking games cultivate brilliant ideas and workable solutions, leaving long-lasting positive effects on your office.

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The Apprentice meets Shark Tank in this fast-paced game that asks participants to
think creatively, cooperatively, and on their feet. Teams race against the clock to complete a
series of “appointments”where they participate in problem-solving challenges that test their creativity,
time-management and teamwork skills, and strategic thinking. Only one team will impress
the Industry Advisors enough to become champion!

Street Smarts is a high-energy, interactive hosted tour through the city, in which teams compete in a series
of wild stunts and challenges. Participants will build camaraderie, hone their strategic thinking skills, and
practice friendly competition. Get ready to cut loose and win big in your city!