Our high-octane Active & Performance Games bring you back to the basics and joy of being a kid at summer camp. Whether it is playing field games or putting on a talent competition, our customizable programs guarantee hundreds of cheers and thousands of smiles.

If you are ready for a hysterical, riotous, entertaining, gut-busting, knee-slapping good time—then you’re ready for AdVenture Games.

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Camp Basics: What happens when teams of co-workers are dropped in the “wild” and left to compete in a series of
physical and mental challenges? Whether it be Olympic, Survivor or any customizable theme, this summer

camp inspired lawn event has strategy-building, teamwork, and lots of fun in store as teams scramble to be champions.

Making of the Band is a high-energy, professionally produced musical competition show starring your
team. Part American Idol, part improvisational comedy, this reality TV-ready experience builds team

camaraderie, strategic thinking, and creativity like no other. Get ready to rock your way to the top!

Based on NBC’s popular program Minute to Win It, teams of contestants face off in a fast-paced game
show, competing in hilarious stunts and challenges that must all be completed in under one minute!
Participants must think on their feet and work together creatively and strategically to pull off these
high-pressure hijinx. Who will be the last team standing?