9 Key Roles Essential for an Effective Team

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  When starting a project, it’s only natural to think about the team that you’ll need to bring your project from inception to completion. But how do you go about finding the lucky few to join you on your endeavor? Effective team building is a staple for any successful leader or organization. Not everybody works the… Read more »

6 Reasons Team Building is a MUST for Your Satellite Team

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    Today with the workforce moving toward being almost entirely digital, we find ourselves spread out, yet we still work together. Unfortunately, without a face-to-face interaction, conflicts may arise. This is why traditional team building activities are so important. Without the bonding experience created from participating in team building activities, employees can find themselves… Read more »

4 Key Benefits of Team Collaboration

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                      It’s not just a slogan, or a mantra. Collaboration really is the key to any company’s success in today’s business world.   But why?   Why is it so important to collaborate in world where specialization is becoming so prevalent in the workplace? Here… Read more »

5 Simple Ways to Maintain a Positive Work Environment

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5 Simple Ways to Maintain a Positive Work Environment   When it comes to a positive work environment, your business depends on a thriving space where productivity, efficiency and accuracy is valued. A positive attitude is something that has an effect beyond the surface. Studies have shown that having a genuine positive attitude makes your… Read more »

What are some stages in team development?

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The initial stage of team development is when the team is formed. This is when the team learns about each other, agrees on specific goals and assigns tasks to each member. At the beginning, the team leader may be a group member. The next stage is when more details are discussed and an approach to… Read more »

Team Building: Quotes to Inspire

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  “It is amazing what can be accomplished when nobody cares about who gets the credit.” Robert Yates This is an important lesson for a staff to learn. The focus should be the task at hand and not who completed it or finished it, but all of the work that goes into getting the task… Read more »

Interacting With Your Team Leads to Better Team Effort

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Enhancing interaction between your team can prove to be valuable for those looking to build their team’s overall collaboration. Team building is important in terms of today’s team-dependent work structure. The best way for teams to work on projects is to understand the role they each have and the skills each member has in order… Read more »

Myths Regarding Team Building Activities

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Team building activities have been proven to improve productivity, increase performance levels and boost company morale overall in businesses across the United States. They are commonly customized so that each team building game works directly with the staff participating. This personalization allows for a more positive outcome and an overall better impression on a staff…. Read more »

The Value of Getting to Know Your Staff

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  In one particularly great INC blog article, Shelley Prevost proposes a valuable task – getting to know your staff. It’s particularly revealing to learn more about team members. By embracing their differences, you allow your team a better chance at working well together and becoming a cohesive collaboration. During a team building activity in… Read more »

Office Workout Routines to Prepare You for Any Obstacle “Team Building Activities”

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You never know when the need may arise for competitive, physical challenges against you and your coworkers. Bulk up stealthily without drawing too much attention to yourself with these easy exercises that can be executed under the guise of your daily tasks. Really, the best tool for success is surprise – be at the advantage… Read more »