AdVenture Games Inc eBrochure


Redefining Team Building

Within this brochure the foundation of AdVenture Games Inc. can be summed up in a single sentence: Once you get past the products and services, the success of a company lies in its relationships,. Whether it’s with end-users, wholesale customers, suppliers or internal employees, solid relationships allow companies to overcome obstacles and grow.

The staff at AdVenture Games Inc. promise, the next time your guests are screaming about team building, they will be screamng for more! Included in the brochure are reason why and details about our fun and creative Adventure games.

The brochure describes that our programs are best described as reality television without the cameras. Our theatrically based, story line driven activities coupled with the use of professional actors create real life experiences that fully engage our participants, Once people are totally immersed, they let their guards down and that is when the team building truly begins.